Meet the team

Lindsey Molly Warren

Lindsey is a fully qualified and passionate groomer with the ability to perform at an experienced level of pet grooming. She is very committed to her trade and believes that as a professional groomer she will never stop learning. By attending seminars, workshops and competing in competitions, she is continuously developing and refining her skills. Lindsey is particularly creative and strives to add her own personal flair throughout her work. If you feel your pet deserves to have a groom that will really show their individual character, as well as suit their lifestyle, let Lindsey know and she will create that perfect style!

Lindsey began pet grooming in April 2013, starting as a Saturday girl in a popular local salon in Hertford. Whilst working there, she studied a Diploma in Animal Management at Capel Manor College, and soon realised that her passion for animals was something she wanted to pursue as a career. Once she had completed the diploma, Lindsey went on to expand her knowledge by beginning the City and Guilds Dog Grooming Diploma and began working fulltime as a pet stylist. In 2018, after training, working and managing in private and corporate salons, Lindsey decided to use her enthusiasm and passion to take the next step in her career and open her own Mobile Grooming Salon.


Ronnie is a handsome, young and affectionate apricot Toy Poodle. He loves attention and making new furry/human friends. He particularly enjoys travelling the country with his family and dreams of his own country cottage in Devon. Ronnie hopes that in the future his dashing good looks will aid his mum in earning first place for poodle styling!


Lily is a loveable Labrador cross breed who will do anything for a ball! She thrives on kisses and hugs, however she likes to keep busy at home by carrying the nearest object she can find. Her favourite place to visit is the woods, as she loves to follow all the scents along the path. Lily is an intelligent girl as she recently began agility classes and has achieved her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens Award.


Mickee the Miniature Poodle has a unique personality. He started puppyhood as a show poodle, qualifying for Crufts in 2016. However, he grew too big for his recommended size, sadly putting his show life to an end. He moved on to a new life as a loveable family pet! Mickee still enjoys to show off and enabled Lindsey and her colleague Nikki to place 2nd at a grooming competition later in 2016.