Why is dog grooming important?

Regular grooming appointments are an important part of your dog's life. It keeps them looking and smelling great, and helps to ensure they are happy and healthy too. Here are the key reasons for and benefits of regular grooming:

  • Maintaining a healthy coat and skin, preventing build-up of dead hair or matting.

  • Groomers get to know your dog well; alongside health checking, they can often notice if something has changed due to their condition or behaviour. This aids in earlier detection of health issues such as sore ears, parasites, unhealthy skin, growths.

  • Nails grow very fast, and keeping them short with regular visits prevents nails from becoming too long and causing unhealthy foot posture and infections.

  • Regular visits from a young age helps to ensure your dog is comfortable with being groomed and examined, preventing stressful vet visits and home grooming.

  • Home grooming helps you to recognise any changes in your pet and can be a great bonding exercise.

How long does a grooming session take?

Pet grooming is a thorough process that includes a health check, nail clip, ear clean, bath, dry and groom (cut, strip or de-shed). There aren't as many distractions and tasks in a mobile parlour compared to a salon, but the process can take anywhere from an hour to four hours depending on the following factors:

  • We work with live animals. Each individual pet has their own special requirements and displays different behaviours whilst being groomed. For example, a puppy needs to be gradually introduced to every element of grooming, and an elderly dog may need regular rest breaks.

  • The condition of the pet's coat. The time it takes to complete a groom depends on your pet's coat condition. For example, a knotty, impacted or matted coat will take much longer to ensure the groom is safe and pain free. This is because it requires certain techniques and products to return the coat to a manageable condition.

  • The chosen style. The type of style and length of time since the last groom will affect how long it takes to groom your pet. For example, a dog that is hand scissored into a breed standard style will take longer than average as it requires more skill.

  • External factors. There are often external factors than can affect a dog's behaviour such as noises, smells or previous experiences which may lengthen the groom. For example, a dog that has had a bad experience with a previous groom may act aggressively.

  • Other duties. Our service is on a one to one basis. However, there will be times where we may have to take a moment from grooming and answer an incoming call, clean up or have a short break.

We kindly ask that if you need to talk to us whilst we are grooming your dog, please approach discreetly as pets are likely to become excited and jump around - this is extremely dangerous when we are using cutting tools.

How often does my dog need grooming?

A regular grooming schedule is advised, although it depends on the pet; there are many factors which will impact on how often they need to be seen. We will advise the best schedule at your first appointment, which will take into consideration the breed, coat type, grooming style and amount of home grooming.

Do you groom dogs that are lactating, pregnant or in season?

We will not groom pregnant or lactating dogs until their puppies have been fully weaned and the bitch has been health checked by the vet. We will not groom bitches that are in season due to their heightened sensitivity, which can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort. Bitches that are in season release high amounts of hormones which can linger and affect male dogs that come into the van, causing them to become agitated.